Are you coming to Mochimune on week...
Are you coming to Mochimune on weekdays?
Why not getting a good deal from the shops bellow!
Say "HIRATOKU please"  for a good deal!

The service is available only at the shops with the flag "HIRATOKU".


Milk Bar

Free nuts for any food or drink oder!
One time per visit.



Free soft drink or alcohol drink with 50% discount for any food order!

[Healthy Dining]

Healthy Dining & BAR Sea Zoo

Free honey-cheeze buiscut for any lunch-menu order or today's nibbles for evening-menu order!

[Rice & omelette with Bolognese sauce specialty]


Free double-cheeze topping or large portion for rice&omlette order! One time per visit.

[Fresh seafood Donburi]


Free small appetizer for any order in the evening time!

[Patisserie & Cafe]

Patisserie & cafe MARU MER(マル・メール)

For any set menu (luunch or desert) order with drink, get another drink free!



Free homemade biscoti topping for Tilamisu Parfait order!

[Cafe and Dining bar]

Sarry's Cafe(サリーズカフェ)

Free Petit Parfait for any meal order!

[Bread, ready-to-eat food and rice ball]


A loaf of house bread with 30yen discount! One item per person.

[Sports & Cafe]

Club Sarry's Sports & Cafe

Free homemade sweets for any order!


Mochimune Minato Onsen

Get a free "Mt.Fuji toothbrush"!! One time only per person



Free "TUK TUK" tour around Mochimune town! For staying guests only.