Are you coming to Mochimune on week...
Are you coming to Mochimune on weekdays?
Why not getting a good deal from the shops bellow!
Say "HIRATOKU please"  for a good deal!

The service is available only at the shops with the flag "HIRATOKU".

[Healthy Dining]

Healthy Dining & BAR Sea Zoo

Free honey-cheeze buiscut for any lunch-menu order or today's nibbles for evening-menu order!

[Rice & omelette with Bolognese sauce specialty]


Free double-cheeze topping or large portion for rice&omlette order! One time per visit.

[Fresh seafood Donburi]


Free small appetizer for any order in the evening time!



Free homemade biscoti topping for Tilamisu Parfait order!

[Cafe and Dining bar]

Sarry's Cafe(サリーズカフェ)

Free Petit Parfait for any meal order!

[Bread, ready-to-eat food and rice ball]


A loaf of house bread with 30yen discount! One item per person.

[Sports & Cafe]

Club Sarry's Sports & Cafe

Free homemade sweets for any order!


Mochimune Minato Onsen

Get a free "Mt.Fuji toothbrush"!! One time only per person