Contemplate Mt Fuji


In Winter, Mochimune is one of the most beautiful place to see Mt. Fuji.
You can now watch the surroundings through our 360° camera view.

Once at the top of the hill, the landscape stretches as far as the eye can see.
In its center, the city of Shizuoka, observable in its entirety.
The hill of Mochimune Castle where you can contemplate the Mt. Fuji and feel the history of the region.

Mochimune Castle

Over 1.5 km beyond the coastline towards Mt. Fuji
The mountains show their beautiful faces at times.
At the harbor, you can get on the same picture both the fishing boats and the Mt. Fuji.

When and how should we observe Mt. Fuji from Mochimune?

From Mochimune, located to the south and slightly to the west side of Mt. Fuji, you will notice on the flank of the latter the snowy mountain of Houeizan. Away from you and contrasting with Mt. Fuji, you will also observe the chain of the Japanese Alps appearing in the distance of blue color. That's why this mountain chain has a mystical beauty.Remaining true to its reputation, Mt. Fuji appears majestically.

In order to observe and photograph the Mt. Fuji in perfect conditions,The months of December, January and February are recommended to tourists (especially the very sunny January). During other seasons, it is complicated to find a perfect view.Often part of the mountains is hidden by the fog and during the summer, Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps are barely visible.

The morning is the best time of the day to climb the hill but the late afternoon also offers very beautiful sunlight on the vast landscape.

When the winter is coming, the top of the mountains gets gradually covered with snow. It gives each day a different aspect to the landscape. It's the best to feel the change of seasons. First snows begin in the Alps in October but do not stay long because of the wind that blows very strong during this period of the year. The mountains then reveal gradually a few streaks of snow before beeing completely covered.

You will need chance to contemplate Mt. Fuji's beauty in optimal conditions but it is really worth it. So please come and observe it from Mochimune.