Fishing, barbecue, swimming, running ... more than one and a half kilometer of coast dedicated to leisures in Mochimune!

To view Mount. Fuji/Mochimune Beach

A 1.5 kilometer long seaside that is very popular among the local population because it is so easy to reach it from Shizuoka downtown and especially from Mochimune railway station (5 minutes' walk away). The sea is very calm and there are many couples walking around during the summer holidays. The Japanese Ministry of Environment has even selected the coast of Mochimune as having one of the 5 most beautiful waters of Japan. It is possible to make barbecues or fish near the harbor throughout the year.

Mochimune's seaside

From the coast, the observation point is located on the south east side of the town, very close to Yaizu. In good weather, it is even possible to clearly identify the Izu Peninsula.

The view from the south east side of the town

The view from the south east side of the town

The Sunrise