On Suruga's beach, a huge sailboat imitating the wreck of a ship surrounded by a park with a magnificent scenery.

To view Mount. Fuji/The Hirono park by the sea

Located between Mochimune's seashore and the fishing port, this coastal park is around 1 kilometer long. This is the perfect place for walking, either for a morning jogging or a late afternoon walk. Along the way, the palm trees and the warm wind give it a tropical aspect.

Way along the Hirono Park

You can find here many facilities for families. The perfect example is the enormous pirate shipwreck. With more than 30 meters long, the boat is full of slides, drawbridges and ladders for kids play... Fishing from the seawall, resting on the lawn of the park, or enjoying aqua games with your children: Many possibilities are offered to you!

Enjoy a good time with your family!
The famous pirate shipwreck

In the middle of the park, a small hill which summit overlooks a magnificent view of Mt Fuji. On sunny days, Mt Fuji is visible on the western side of the mountains.

Summit of the mountain "Miharashi"