Called "the soul of Mochimune", the shirasu fish is of course on many restaurants menu in Mochimune.
Restaurants hidden in many corners of the town are highly appreciated by locals.
You will discover a unique taste, impossible to found somewhere else.

On the terrace of this cafe you can even enjoy the seaside with your dog.

[Cafe and Dining bar]
Sarry's Cafe

Seasonal dishes cooked with rigorously selected ingredients

[Cuisine kaiseki (懐石): traditional Japanese gastronomy made up of several small dishes served jointly.]
Japanesse traditional cuisine Restaurant KAJIYAMA

This former sushi restaurant is loved for its high quality among the inhabitants of Mochimune.

[Sushi bar]
Sushi restaurant SUSHI KUNI

Restaurant where you can enjoy an authentic and ethnic cuisine. A better taste than in its origin country.

[Asian ethnic food]
amakara Asian cuisine restaurant

The great specialty of Mochimune: Rice garnished with shirasu.

[Garnished rice with fresh fish]
Restaurant DONBURI HOUSE supplied directly from the port

Spend a unique moment in a 90 years old renovated japanese warehouse that match a gorgeous interior and a sophisticated western cuisine.