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The way to Mochimune

Where is located Mochimune ?

Mochimune, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka city, Shizuoka prefecture

Mochimune is located on the southwest coast of Shizuoka city, between the Abekawa River in the east and the nearby town of Yaizu in the west.

※On, we present the whole area of Mochimune composed of Mochimune itself but also of Hirono and Sekibe.

The nearest train station is "Mochimune Station", located on the Tokaido Line just two train stops (7 minutes away) from Shizuoka Station (which is both a JR Tokaido and a Shinkansen train station). From Tomei highway's nearest exit (Shizuoka interchange or Yaizu Interchange), it takes only 15 minutes by car.

If you go by car

We want to get to Mochimune as soon as possible !【Shortest route from Tokyo】
At Tokyo IC (Interchange), take the Tomei highway to Nagoya → Exit at Shizuoka IC → Road 150 → Arrival in Mochimune (Distance: 167 km / Duration: 2h)
The best route to enjoy Shizuoka's seacoast【Shortest route from Tokyo】
いA road where you can enjoy the view on many strawberry cultures of the city as well as on the very touristic shrine of Kunozan dedicated to the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
At Tokyo IC (Interchange), take the Tomei highway to Nagoya → Take the highway exit at Shimizu IC → Route 150 → Arrival in Mochimune (Distance: 172.2 km / Duration: around 2h20m)
Take a drive on the Okuzure coast【Shortest route from Nagoya】
From Yaizu to Mochimune, you can go along the Okuzure coast (= big collapse in english), a very steep cliff. Between the cliff and the sea, you will take the coastal road where you can contemplate the impressive bay of Suruga! But some curves are very dangerous so please drive carefully.
Take the Tomei highway in Nagoya towards Tokyo → Exit at Yaizu highway exit → Okuzure coastal road → Arrival in Mochimune (Distance: 163 km / Duration: 2h)
The Shinkyu route【From Yamanashi (Kofu) or Nagano (Matsumoto)】
Route using part of the "Chubu Odan" highway currently under construction and then road 52 along the Fujikawa river.
Take the Chuo highway entrance at Kofu Minami IC (Interchange) → Change for the Chubu highway at Futaba JCT (Junction) → Exit at Masuho IC or at Rokugo IC → Route 52 → Take the ShinTomei highway entrance at Arashimizu IC → Change for the Tomei highway at Shimizu JCT → Exit at Shizuoka IC → Prefectural road → Arrival at Mochimune (Distance: 124.7 km / Duration: 2 hours)
Route to enjoy Mount Fuji【From Yamanashi (Kofu / Fujigoko)】
Ideal route for tourism passing through a very natural and beautiful area near Mount Fuji with many sightseeing points.
Exit at Kofu Minami IC (Interchange) → National road 358 → Fuji Panorama Line → Shoji lake and Motosu lake → National road 139 → Asagiri plateau crossing way→ NishiFuji road → Take the entrance for the Tomei highway at the Fuji IC → Exit at Shizuoka IC → Prefectural road → Arrival at Mochimune (Total distance: 118.3km / Duration: around 2 hours)

If you go by train


You can use the Shinkansen until Shizuoka Station from both tracks of JR Tokai line. Usable shinkansen are the Kodama and the Hikari super express with 3-5 departures each hour.

Shinkansen Hikari (about 1 hour from Tokyo or Nagoya)
An hourly Hikari train stops at Shizuoka station.Warning!! Some trains from the Hikari super express line do not stop at Shizuoka Station.
Shinkansen Kodama super express (about 90 minutes from Tokyo or Nagoya)
All of the Kodama super express shinkansen trains stop at Shizuoka Station.

Once you arrive at the Shinkansen station of Shizuoka, please change to the regional JR Tokaido line going to Hamamatsu. The docks are next to those of the shinkansen. Mochimune Station is two stations far from Shizuoka and 3 to 7 trains serve this line every hours. Just after leaving Shizuoka Station, you'll see the Abekawa River and then, after a brief stop at Abekawa station, you will arrive quickly at Mochimune station.

JR Shizuoka Station North Exit
The station of Mochimune is an old Japanese station with a very pronounced retro style. The station is located within a 5-minutes walk from the pacific ocean.

From Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport


Domestic flight operated daily.International flight (South Korea, Taiwan, China) operated.
Please check Fujisan Shizuoka Airport HP for more info.

A shuttle bus service to JR Shizuoka Station is available from the airport.
Check out the website of the bus company Shizutetsu Just Line for more details.
From Mt Fuji Shizuoka airport, you can also rent a car or take a taxi (on request) to go directly to Mochimune.
For more informations, visit the Mt Fuji Shizuoka Airport website.