Mochimune is a small port city located 7 min away from Shizuoka City by train.

Mochimune is a small port city located in the southwest part of Shizuoka City, where the port, ocean, and mountains are all in the area, with a hint of nostalgic atmosphere. The best place for the ultimate fresh-air escape from busy cities.

Mochimune is best known for it's freshness of "Shirasu"

Mochimune is well known for its fishing technique and processing method of Shirasu. The freshness is the key - it will be brought directly to the shop every morning.
Please enjoy the real "Shirasu" in Mochimune!

Can I have raw Shirasu today?

YES! we have raw Shirasu today.
Plenty to offer for the weekday visitors!

Let's get around Mochimune!

Mochimune, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Japan