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Spa resort with stunning views of Mt.Fuji and the fishing port!

Mochimune Minato Onsen

Experience the pottery class that is great fun!

[Pottery studio]
Pottery studio Mochimune-Kama

The 9th generation farmer strives for farming, goats and a hot-air balloon!

[Farm, Goats, Hot-air balloon]

Fitness studio & Café in Mochimune for active people!

[Sports & Cafe]
Club Sarry's Sports & Cafe


Fishing port Matsuri - Join one of Mochimune's Vibrant Spring Festivals!

Mochimune port Matsuri

Magical spectacles of the red lanterns! Do not miss out!

GION Matsuri

Places & Shopping

Great view points everywhere on the way to Yaizu!

Okuzure coast

The shirasu fish just caught aboard a superb boat, the splendid view on the Mt Fuji in winter, as well as the port of Mochimune... All are famous elements symbolizing this town.

Mochimune Harbor

On Suruga's beach, a huge sailboat imitating the wreck of a ship surrounded by a park with a magnificent scenery.

The Hirono park by the sea

Fishing, barbecue, swimming, running ... more than one and a half kilometer of coast dedicated to leisures in Mochimune!

Mochimune Beach

Observe the splendid Mt Fuji and feel the history of this place from the heights of the castle of Mochimune which also served as a military base during the war!

Mochimune Castle

Situated a little bit away from Mochimune, the summit of this mountain will offer you a spectacular view of Shizuoka region.

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Things that make you feel better with time

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Timeless Gallery&Store