Tasting a superb gelato made from the fresh local specialties with beautiful ocean view.


"LA PALETTE" is an authentic gelato cafe that blends the best flavors of the Shizuoka's products including Mochimune.

Right in front of the beach!

Speciaities in Shizuoka, such as green tea, orange, strawberry, wasabi and peach, getting those fresh products directly from the local producers to make the rich flavor with no fragrance or coloring added. Especially Nagata area is well-known for delicious fruits so you will taste the gelato inspired by freshly picked seasonal fruits.

Don't miss the "Shirasu yogurt" flavor made from Kamaage Shirasu (boiled whitebaite) as its great specialty of Mochimune.

First ever! Take a closer look at the round showcase all the Shizuoka premium flavors are lining up.
The roof-top terrace with ocean view
LA PALETTE季節のジェラート
12 selected flavors are available in each season

There are beers and sparkling wines are available at GERATO BAR for grown-ups with laid-back atmosphere.