Fishing, barbecue, swimming, running ... more than 1.5 kilometer of coast dedicated to leisures in Mochimune!

Activity/Mochimune Beach

Mochimune Beach, with its 1.5-kilometer-long coastline, is not only close to the center of Shizuoka City, but is also a popular spot for locals who love it as a beach within a walking. The sea is very calm, and every summer you will see it crowded with families and couples. There are showers and public toilets, and lifesavers are on duty during the beach-opening season (from mid-July to mid-August every year), so you can enjoy swimming safely. The water quality is also a key point, having been given high rank of "water quality AA" in a water quality inspection in 2023. In addition to BBQ, there are commercial facilities and restaurants nearby, so you can enjoy yourself in a variety of ways.

Mochimune's seaside

During the season when the ban on whitebait fishing is lifted, you can also see the fishermen at work. Freshly caught whitebait are brought to the port to be auctioned off on store shelves. Fresh whitebait is also a well-known specialty of Mochimune.

Fishing whitebait

And the sunrise from the beach is a must-see! Wake up early and head out to the coast, and you will surely be impressed by the divine light of the sun rising over the ridges of the Izu Peninsula. You can enjoy the charm of Mochimune, one of the favorite destinations of the local residents, full of activities such as swimming, BBQ, fishing, and SUP.