Fishing port Matsuri - Join one of Mochimune's Vibrant Spring Festivals!

Activity/Mochimune port Matsuri

Mochimune port festival is held in each year at the end of April. Crowded as many locals and visitors from outside create a lively, exciting atmosphere that is unique to this area.

Highlights of the festival are the freshest Shirasu tasting, boarding on a fish-boat, watching a fake fish auction and much more!

【What's on?】
・Shirasu tasting
・Get boarding a fish-boat
・A mock fish auction
・Shirasu Donburi tasting
・Food stalls
・Dance and Japanese Drum performance
Over 50,000 people coming to the festival
A mock fish auction!
Boarding fish-boat!
Fresh Kamaage-shirasu Donburi

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