Freshest fish and additive-free food!


Restaurant OISHI has been opened over 50 years, ran by the third generation. It's always frequented by locals and customers from outside the area. OISHI offers the freshest possible fish just picked up from the port every day. No doubt! it's the place for the fish & locally brewed sake lovers, to see the lovely owner for a chat as well.

By the side of Mochimune port

The chef tells us about the specificities of his restaurant and about the charm of Mochimune.

Additive-free food

We try making food without any additives as possible, for instance, any dried fish or pickles are all homemade.

I used to eat ready-made bento from the convenience store almost every day. Eventually, I was out of health so I started eating proper food since then. I believe that eating right helps promote good health and it's the reason why I would like to serve good foods for our customers.

Full selection of sake are available
A house special "Mackerel sushi" with Japanese plum paste is awesome!

Sea, mountains and rivers are all in Mochimune

Because the quality of water in Mochimune has a good reputation that means the food will be much tastier. I think living in Mochimune has lots potentials as the city is surrounded by nature.