A long-standing Japanese bar & restaurant where you can enjoy delicious fish and local spirit.


No doubt! A restaurant with full of local customers is the place to go for good food.
For a long time, Kohachi has been loved by locals. They serve variety of Shirasu dishes not only the raw or cooked one, the reason that locals favourite is their commitment to selecting only fresh fish.

It's the place for hanging out with friends, drinking locally brewed Sake or just catching up with locals. Full of heart-warming atmosphere will make you feel like staying forever...

5 min. walk from Mochimune port, it's in the corner of old familiar restaurants lined up. Can't miss it with the shop curtain "Kohachi".
Spacious seating room for large groups.

The chef tells us about the specificities of the restaurant and about the charm of Mochimune.

A long-standing Bar & Restaurant with Mochimune spirit.

The restaurant has been founded for 40 years, serving finest seafood from Suruga Bay. Especially, Shirasu is popular dishes as we have a variety of Shirasu recipes.

Our special menus are Shirasu dumpling that is crispy outside and juicy inside, and dried Shirasu croquette that has full of aromatic flavor. Both are the all-time favourites of our customers.

Roasted dried Shirasu cooked with rice is also very popular, juicy nice flavours blended into your mouth. It is easy to cook at home if you like.

Shirasu dumpling
Shirasu Kamameshi (rice cooked with Shirasu)

Shirasu festive plate

We recommend customers who love to eat Shirasu a "Shirasu festive plate", one of our popular menus. It's full of Shirasu dishes including Shirasu on top of rice, dumpling, croquette, salad etc. and miso soup.

Always close to local people

It is our mission to keep serving good quality fish to locals, they truly know the taste. We are happy that this restaurant has been loved by them for a long lopng time.

Sometimes the regular customers bring us fresh fish and vegetables or come with fish that they caught in a port. This is the great thing to be around in a port town. Give-an- take and human touch.


How to enjoy Mochimune

If you get a chance to visit Mochimune, please feel free to say hello to local people anywhere at the shoo at the port, they are easy-going and super friendly. You may get some good tips about the area.

There is a great shooting spot especially for railway geeks, it's located at the ruins of Mochimune castle on a mountain around 70M high behind Mochimune station. You will experience the view that the Shinkansen (Bullet train) coming towards you with Mount Fuji against.

We hope you will enjoy delicious food and interactions with locals, spending a pleasant time in Mochimune.