This former sushi restaurant is loved for its high quality among the inhabitants of Mochimune.


There are always great sushi restaurants in Japanese harbors.
Like this one in Mochimune called "Sushi Kuni". This restaurant, which is very popular among locals, has been part of the landscape for a long long time and has become a strong and protected place in the town of Mochimune. The owner left the restaurant to his son in order to perpetuate the same level of quality.

You can not miss the raw shirasu if you visit this restaurant. Its unique taste made him the flagship product of Mochimune. You cannot found it anywhere else.

Near the port of Mochimune, this restaurant shows its traditional style.

The chef tells us about the specificities of the restaurant and about the charm of Mochimune.

A unique sushi restaurant in Mochimune

It's been half a century since my father started this restaurant and we continue today to propose the same sushi without worrying about the epoch changes.

Nowadays, it is possible to eat sushi in supermarkets, in treadmill restaurants and even in "izakaya" bars. But what about me ? I try to perpetuate the traditional techniques that my father taught me. I really want to continue this way and resist to fashions. Many visitors come from afar to taste my sushi so it gives me a strong feeling that I have to protect this tradition.

Fresh foods are displayed in front of a long white wood counter. But you can also choose seats at the table.

A strong desire to provide local products

Mochimune rhymes with shirasu and so we offer our visitors raw shirasu on every fishing day.
Because the shirasu is brought to us very quickly after being caught, the fish is really really fresh and juicy.

In order to preserve its freshness, some boats are exclusively responsible for bringing back the fish to the port. This method saves a lot of time and also explains why the shirasu of Mochimune is the best in Japan.

If you order a maki-sushi shirasu, you will discover a taste still very different from the most classic garnished rice!

A town with an ancient atmosphere

Mochimune has been practicing net fishing for a very long time and the current harbor was built around 50 years ago. The city has hardly changed since then and many restaurants from that time are still open.

Although it's possible to say that Mochimune is a fairly typical japanese city, the view is exceptional ! Being able to walk around while observing both Suruga Bay and Mount Fuji, it's something incredible ! And that's not all, the harbor and the sandy beaches form a very nice seaside resort too.